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Andrew Lawrence-King underviser. Legg merke til de tre strengeradene på harpen i forgrunnen.

Andrew Lawrence-King teaching. Bremen 1994. Notice the three rows of strings.
The harp in front is (I think) a Simon Capp harp. The one to the left is a Tim Hobrough "Galilei" (and myself), and in the background to the right is a glimpse of a Tim Hobrough "Mersenne" triple.

Andrew Lawrence-King, continuo

Andrew Lawrence-King underviser en continuo-gruppe.

Andrew Lawrence-King teaching continuo to a group. Utrecht 1997.
The harps to the right are: In front, a Simon Capp harp. Next a Tim Hobrough "Galilei". Behind that we see a glimpse of a copyof the very ornate and painted "Raabe Harp" from the Claudius Instrument Collection in Copenhagen, built by Claus Hüttel.

Harpeduo spiller Ribayaz.

Harp duo playing Ribayaz. West Dean College, 1998.
Both harps are Tim Hobrough models. To the right his "Trabaci", a triple harp. To the left, his "Galilei", a double harp, built by myself from a kit, and also played by the same.

Continuogruppe med tre barokkharper.

Continuo group with three baroque harps: a Neapolitan double harp, an Italian triple harp and a Welsh triple harp. In front singer EvelynTubb. West Dean College 2001.

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