My first translation was published in 1976. That was Dhammapada, translated from Pali into Norwegian. For many years I worked as a teacher, but since 1996 writing has been my full time job. I have translated books for the Norwegian publishing houses Arnebergs forlag, Bazaar, Cappelen, Gyldendal, Humanist, Lanser, Pax, Solum, St. Olavs forlag, The Norwegian Book Club, and for foreign translation bureaus.

I translate literature on comparative religion and cultural history from Pali, Sanskrit, English, German, French, Dutch, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian (bokmål). My special field of competence is translations from the early Buddhist literature in the classical Indian language Pali, a rich literature that up till now has been very little known in Norway. Some knowledge of Old Norse, Greek and Latin has also been of some use while translating books on Norse and classical themes.

A good translation calls for a solid foundation both in the source language and the target language, and it also calls for a good knowledge of the topic of the text. For this, both education (languages, comparative religion, etc.) and experience is important, but let the books and some reviews speak for themselves.


As member of Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening (NFF) (Norwegian union of non-fiction authors and translators) and Norsk Oversetterforening (NO) (Norwegian union of translators), I base my terms upon the contract between on the one hand NFF and NO, and on the other hand Den norske Forleggerforening (Norwegian union of publishers). From this basis specific terms can then be negotiated for each job.

Translated books
(Original titles. For the titles of the Norwegian versions, see the Norwegian page.)


1976 Dhammapada
1985 Mahasi Sayadaw, Practical Insight Meditation
1986 Weerasinghe, R. M., A Cosmic Struggle
1987 Saddhatissa, H., An Introduction to Buddhism
1988 Nyanaponika Thera, The Heart of Buddhist Meditation
1991 Rahula, Walpola, What the Buddha Taught
1992 Digha Nikaya, Vol. I: Silakkhandhavagga
2000 Therigatha, in cooperation with the poet Tone Lie Bøttinger
2000 Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millenium
2000 Buddhist stories from the Pali texts, (In the anthology "I begynnelsen")
2001 Buddhist stories from the Pali texts, (In the anthology "Buddhistiske fortellinger")
2001 Farrer-Halls, G., The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom
2002 Dalai Lama, How to Practice -- the Way to a Meaningful Life
2003 Bodhicaryavatara and other Mahayana texts (The anthology "Lotussutraen og andre tekster fra mahayana-buddhismen")
2003 Dalai Lama, Conseils du coeur
2004 Buddhist texts from Pali, (In the anthology "Yoga")
2005 Digha Nikaya, Vol. II: Mahavagga
006 Theragatha, in cooperation with the poet Tone Lie

Comparative religion and theology

1990 Justitia et Pax, The Church and Racism
1990 Sievernich, Michael, Gott und die Armen
1996 Aasen, Elisabeth, Det skjønnes hage (two chapters)
1997 Burkert, Walter, Ancient Mystery Cults
1998 Näsström, B. M., Freya, den stora gudinnan i Norden
1998 Hjortsø, Leo, Græske guder og helte
1998 Hope, Jane, The Secret Language of the Soul
1998 Smith J.Z., To take place. Toward Theory in Ritual
1999 Cohn, Norman, The Pursuit of the Millenium. Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages
1999 Mack, Burton L., The Lost Gospel. The Book of Q & Christian Origins
2001 Näsström, B. M., Blot. Tro og offer i det førkristne Norden
2002 Russell, J.B., A History of Heaven. The Singing Silence
2002 Zaleski, C., Otherworld Journeys. Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times
2005 Hjärpe, J., 99 frågor om islam
2007 Norman, R., On humanism

History, archaeology, sociology, languages, cultural history, and science, etc.

1992 Renfrew, Colin, Archaeology and Language. The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
1994 Eisler, Riane, The Chalice and the Blade
1995 Chadwick, John, The Decipherment of linear B
1996 Lombard, Alf, Språken på vår jord
1997 Douglas, Mary, Purity and Danger. An Analysis of the Concepts of Pollution and Danger
1997 Norwich, John J., A Short History of Byzantium
1999 Yalom, Marilyn, A History of the Breast
1999 Hedeager, Lotte, Skygger af en anden virkelighed. Oldnordiske myter
2000 Willis, Michael, Life, Myth and Art: Tibet
2001 Hedeager, L., Tvarnø, H., Det europæiske hus. Bd. 2. romerne og germanerne
2001 Damasio, Antonio, R., Descartes' Error
2001 Yates, Frances A., Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition
2002 Damasio, Antonio, R., The Feeling of What Happens. Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness
2003 Sykes, Bryan, The Seven Daughters of Eve
2003 Einstein, Albert and Sigmund Freud, Warum Krieg? Ein Briefwechsel
2004 Atkins, Peter, Galileo's Finger. The Ten Great Ideas of Science
2005 Lindeberg, Staffan, Maten och folksjukdomarna - ett evolutionsmedicinskt perspektiv
2006 Rasmus Dahlberg, 1983 - Den Kolde Krigs Højdepunkt
2007 Peter Longerich, "Davon haben wir nichts gewusst!" - Die Deutschen und die Judenverfolgung 1933-1945


Let it first be said that Kåre A. Lie's translation is brilliant. I have read large parts of the book both in Norwegian and English, and ascertained that Lie renders the original with extreme accuracy. (Brian McNeil in Vårt Land on Douglas: Purity and Danger.)

Burkert's USA lectures are now made available in Norwegian by Kåre A. Lie as a dream of a textbook with bibliograph, notes, index and a short dictionary. (Nils J. Ringdal in Dagbladet on Burkert: Ancient Mystery Cults.)

Let me also add that the translation has a clear and fluent language, with a minimum of academic terms and jargon. (Stein Jarving at on Burkert: Ancient Mystery Cults.)

The translator has succeeded very well in striking the same leisurely note and narrative art that characterizes the original language of the author. (Edvard Eikill in Stavanger Aftenblad on Norwich: A Short History of Byzantium.)

Now the one volume edition is available in Norwegian, in an exemplary and authoritative translation by Kåre A. Lie. (Nils J. Ringdal in Dagbladet on Norwich: A Short History of Byzantium.)

Kåre A. Lie has written an excellent translation (as he always does). (Brian McNeil in Vårt Land on Mack: The Lost Gospel.)

Impeccable and fluent translation by Kåre A. Lie. (Bård Eskeland in Klassekampen on Mack: The Lost Gospel.)

The cooperation between philologist and poet gives us a translation of high literary quality, which is better than word-by-word translations by philologists or secondary translations via other European languages by poets. (Håvard Rem in Dagbladet on Therigatha.)

The Damasio translator Kåre A. Lie is exemplary: He demonstrates a complete mastery of the codes of each of the two branches of science. (Bård Eskeland in Klassekampen on Damasio: Descartes' Error.)

It is the correspondence of Einstein and Freud from 1932 which now at least has appeared in Norwegian, translated with a sure feeling for style by Kåre A. Lie. (Bernt Bakkevik in Ikkevold on Einstein and Freud: Warum Krieg? Ein Briefwechsel)

The translator Kåre A. Lie has taken excellent care of Atkins' linguistic artistery. (Arvid Hove in Aftenbladet on Atkins: Galileo's Finger.)

The book is very competently translated from English by Kåre A. Lie. (Levi Fragell in Fri Tanke on On Humanism)



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