Renessanse Consort - An early music group in Norway.

Harps - Historical harps, medieval to baroque. Also neo-celtic harp.

Viola da gamba - Viols, a family of bowed string instruments that was used in the 16th to the 18th century.

The Songs of the Vikings - What kinds of songs and sounds could be heard in Scandinavia 1000 years ago?

Music is a source of joy, and there exists lots of beautiful music in many different styles. Jazz, folk music, popular music, classical music ... in all kinds of music we can find beauty. I love for instance to listen to American symphonic composers of the 20th century. But the music I always return to, is the music that was written in the century from the last part of the 16th to the last part of the 17th century.

This is a fascinating epoch which has interested me for years, and that has engaged me actively both as amateur musician and builder of instruments. I find it interesting to try to recreate this early music, both in sound and performance. In order to recreate the sound, I have built several instruments in medieval, renaissance and baroque styles: Organ, harpsichords, viols, lutes and harps. But during the nineties I have mainly concentrated to play the instrument closest to my heart, the baroque harp.


Half of the joy of playing music, is to play with friends.That is why I and my wife Tove Gleditsch Lie, who plays the bass viol, many years ago founded the Renessanse Consort, together with some friends, and under varying conditions this group has how been playing for more than a quarter of a century.

While making music together there arises a certain social situation where every individual contributes to the common performance, everyone doing their best while at the same time listening to each other, in order to produce a good result. This has much in common with team sports, but here "victory" does not mean "defeat" for anyone. Victory is gained only by giving joy to everyone, both players and listeners.

Lately, I have done some research on songs and music from the Viking Age. Can we know anything at all about the music in that distant age? Take a look at Viking songs


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